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We offer Florida Court Ordered & State Approved classes and provide immediate certification to the State.

State law mandates that Insurance companies cannot raise your rates when points have been forgiven. The most affordable way to forgive points received via a traffic citation is through Traffic School.


We are State of Florida Course Providers for Court-Ordered Programs as well as for Point-forgiveness & Insurance Discounts. A few common courses we offer are:
  • Drug and Alcohol Course TLSAE- First Time Driver
  • 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course
  • 8-hour Traffic School (IDI)
  • 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI)
  • (Youthful Offender) STOP-Student Traffic Offender Program
  • DWLS/R Driving while license suspended/revoked

Traffic School Classrooms

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We design our classes to be lighthearted and entertaining. Using multimedia and discussions with a bit of humor. Class Schedule

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Online Traffic School

We also offer online

If you are far away from the I-4 corridor, or just prefer to stay off the road, take your class Online.

About Our Teaching Style

Rather than listen to a 4-hour lecture or read page after page of dull text, our online traffic school courses incorporate video into the presentation. We offer a fresh new alternative to the traditional traffic school program. It is called the "DTA WAY." Proven successful programs. Ask a friend if they have taken an online course from a driving school and if they enjoyed the experience? More than likely, your friend took a DTA Drivers Training Program. Millions of drivers in Florida have clicked the button to register for our classes. We look forward to your participation.